Introducing our latest 3D tool, the IMAGINARIANS have grown wings and taken to the air! With our friends at Ocuair the we now use aerial drone technology to produce 3D scans and models. The process is simple, the quad-copters take to air scanning and photographing as they go. The result, a 3D model highly detailed and textured. Our new partnership offers an unrivalled perspective on our clients’ world.

Our friends at Ocuair are the UK’s Leading Responsible Commercial UAV Operator. With a full Civil Aviation Authority permissions to operate drones for commercial aerial work – they are fully insured – and are experts in gathering aerial images (photography) using remote controlled multi-rotor aerial systems, also known as UAS, UAV, RPAS, RPAV, Drones etc. processing and editing in-house using the latest commercially licensed post-production applications.
3D Modelling – Through the use of commercially licensed software and state of the art computer processing power we can generate 3D models of buildings, terrain and infrastructure using photo-realistic systems.  We can do this for both visual and thermal data, at astounding levels of accuracy. The 3D model allows you to visualise the location, as it was on the day the data was gathered and, in conjunction with other tools, allows a detailed and unparalleled degree of understanding and situational awareness particularly when communicating with others who may have never visited the site.  
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We have partnered with Ocuair to exploit, innovate and integrate the latest UAV technologies in to our 3d tools and services. This technology has many applications and stands along side our portfolio of services. Find out how this technology can help you today. The 3D data produced can be used for planning and design. Photo-montages can now be produced in 3D. Embed the 3D models online and share, allowing anyone to view in the proposed or existing site.