This case study typifies what DO Digital is all about. A comprehensive 3D strategy using a wide selection of our 3D tools. UHS wanted to engage more with their customers and our 3D skills were instrumental in doing just that. The brief, to be the best furniture supplier out there and give their customer unrivalled access to their product range.
How would this be achieved? A 3D configurator, all of their products fully configurable, interactive with the ability to access their entire fabric and finishes range. This was a huge challenge, thousands of samples and thats where our coders come in. Utilising WebGL has enabled us to create a great configurator platform with billions of options available instantly.
They have 400 products within their portfolio which required 400 configurators. Intern these would  requires 400 3D models. As process of 3d scanning and modelling began. These models could then be used for several applications. High-end CGI to replace photography. Models for sharing, given to visualisation specialist and designers. BIM models for architects and FFE.
These forward thinking and progressive solutions exploit new technologies and create a comprehensive 3D offering adding value and opening new doors.


Do Digital has partnered with Stills Design to create the amazing configurators. Our combined expertise and industry knowledge has allowed us to create the most comprehensive and dynamic 3d configurator there is.


"It has been a pleasure working with the team at Do Digital. The 3D modelling, configurator and CGI work they have completed for us has been nothing short of exceptional, and has helped us become leading innovators within the hospitality furniture industry. We are hugely grateful for everything you have done and look forward to working with you on upcoming projects... the future certainly looks bright! Thank you!"
Tom Dowdell, Marketing Manager UK Visit the UHS website...