Judith Petersen, of Petersen Williams Architects, a successful and well established architectural practice based in South Wales, approached Do Digital Realities (DDR) with the prospect of working on an exciting project located within the heart of Cardiff.
“Our client has been asked by the proposed tenant to obtain some 3D visuals for the purpose of marketing the venue ahead of the refurbishment works being completed” explains Juidth.
Currently a disused building located in Cardiff city centre, Ebenezer Chapel in Charles Street was built in 1855 with ballast from coal ships returning from the Middle East and opened as a congregational church. It was hoped that a grant to fund the restoration could bring the Chapel back to life. A sum of over £1m from the Heritage Lottery Grant, the largest sum to date awarded to the Catholic Church in Wales, transformed the Grade II listed building back to it’s former glory.

The project required Do Digital Realities to work with some fantastic individuals and companies along with Peterson Williams Architects. Christian Brown OBE of LSPBR, who ran the development, and Carys Berrow of Momentum®, who specialise in specifying and supplying contemporary furniture and lighting. DDR worked closely with all individuals involved to carefully develop the design and visuals, DDR were then able to clarify the best areas within the building for the visuals, based on our extensive knowledge and experience.
During these collaborative exercises the visuals quickly developed and fast become a digital reality, whilst allowing all those involved to see the project evolve and help DDR create a fantastic 3D story.

The final visuals were provided on time and within 21 days, proving once again Do Digital Realities have the skills, tools and technology to produce some of the best 3D artwork. The project was a terrific example of a successful 3D strategy involving DDR in the early stages and allowing us to work with the client to achieve exceptional results.
Working on a project within 15 minutes of our office and with such potential was an opportunity too good to miss for our team! We’re extremely happy with the final results and are delighted to be able to share this with you. We would like to mention in particular Hywel Glynn-Jones (Account Manager) and James Leonard (3D co-ordinator). Both were instrumental in delivering this outstanding project.

"We were extremely pleased with the end result and would definitely recommend them to others requiring this service."


CGI is the most common form of 3D and has been the foundation of our success. Our ultimate goal is to produce images that are photo-realistic. It's fair to say you can't trust a picture, is it real? It's hard to tell. This type of imagery can replace the need for traditional photo-shoots. No need for expensive venues with limited time-scales and high rental costs. Place your product in any setting, change the lighting conditions and try endless colour and finish variations. This is a very powerful and flexible form of 3D....



We're very proud of our 121 suite. For the best results why not sit with the IMAGINARIANS. You can then fully explore the possibilities of your model. Let's tweak the angle and let's try it in a different colour. The chance to hold intensive 3D sessions on your project can be truly liberating. We invite your team to join us for a fully comprehensive experience.


"Their skills allowed the customer to envision my layout and furniture concepts as a completed, detailed design."


“Petersen Williams architects were very impressed with the way in which Hywel and his creative team at Do digital realities quickly understood our design intent. They created realistic images that incorporated all of our requirements and responded positively to client feedback undertaking revisions promptly. We were extremely pleased with the end result and would definitely recommend them to others requiring this service."
Judith Petersen, Petersen Williams Architects
“It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Do Digital Realities on this Cornerstone regeneration project at the historic Ebenezer Chapel in Cardiff. Their work impressed both the architect and Momentum, supporting the scheme and the furniture designs selected. Their skills allowed the customer to envision my layout and furniture concepts as a completed detailed design and brought them to life. I really look forward to working with them again soon.”
Carys Berrow, Momentum
"I would like to express my thanks for all your teams hard work on my project. Your teams energy enthusiasm and fast working made the experience a wholly positive one. The clients loved the visuals you produced and it made explaining the project to the public so much easier. I would have no hesitation in recommending your firm to others for the service and high quality work you produce."
Christian Brown OBE, Project Manager Cornerstone