A strategic approach and understanding of your 3D collateral and its potential applications.
The use of 3D models and 3D applications is becoming more apparent and we believe that every business should consider its implementation and forming 3D as a part of their operational strategy and marketing. Our unique consultancy lead approach to your use of 3D will give you a comprehensive 3D strategy. By engaging with us you will gain a greater understanding of 3D whilst helping you decide the best approach for your business.
As technology develops, 3D is becoming evermore present in our day to day lives. Tablets, phones, web browsers and desktop pc's can now handle more 3D content. By engaging with us we can help your customers to better understand your product or project - allowing you to take advantage of the latest tech and utilising our expertise.
How can 3D help sell my products? How do we share our 3D models? How do we immerse our audience within the 3D model? What potential does my 3D collateral hold?
We will answer all these questions and more throughout the process of any project.


Phase 1: The evaluation process: we'll check what 3D collateral you have, what you're producing and how you're producing it. We hate it when 3D models sit on the digital shelf and gather pixel dust! By engaging with us we gain a better understanding of your aspirations - short term, medium term and long term for your 3D collateral.
Why have you considered using 3D? What expectation do you have? Have you ever used 3D before?


Phase 2: To help you understand the potential of 3D and its applications, we have created 3D discovery workshops.  Helping your business to inspire your targeted audience. During the workshop you will be immersed in cutting-edge 3D technologies and shown how to use them. Introducing our IMAGINARIUM.
What is the IMAGINARIUM I hear you ask? 'A room where alternative digital realities come to life.' 
The IMAGINARIUM is our custom-designed 3D studio. It's the space where teamwork, technology and process come together to support our consultative approach. It's where we consult, visualise and inspire. A typical 3D workshop will include exploring VR headsets, photo-realistic imagery, augmented reality, 3D printing and much more. Touch, play and experience to find out what fits your project best.
With greater expectations from a tech savvy generation for 3D or interactive collateral, the demand for 3D content is higher than ever. It's important to embrace technology and offer new customer experiences.
There are several considerations when offering 3D collateral to your clients:
Are your models fit for purpose? Am I offering the correct file formats? How can my customers use our 3D collateral?
We will help you work through these types questions and more, and by using the appropriate 3D applications we can provide you with the perfect 3D solution for your customers. You may also want to consider how you want to position your business and compete with competitors in the sector. By going through this process with you - we can ensure that you achieve your goals.
"It has been a pleasure working with the team at DO Digital. The 3D modelling, configurator and CGI work they have completed for us has been nothing short of exceptional, and has helped us become leading innovators within the hospitality furniture industry."
UHS Group


Phase 3: Now that you have a better understanding of your 3D collateral and our 3D applications, you can dip your toe in our digital pond. This is your chance to try out a few 3D applications and develop your potential offering. Tick those boxes and satisfy a few curiosities. Even though our 3D services have proven successful, not all are suitable for every project. With an understanding of the technology available to you following our 3D workshop, you can use our research and development team to create test pilots and samples.
Now you're ready to start engaging with your customers, try a few things out and evaluate their potential. By creating specifically tailored samples utilising your products, the knowledge gained can be invaluable. This journey of discovery isn't as expensive as you might think. Our approach is simple, find good tech and harness its potential. We're not creating new technologies but effectively utilising existing applications for your business.
Read our R&D blog - it demonstrates our abilities perfectly...


Above: This video demonstrates our ability to try new things. Concept for a 4d sequence story teller online.


Phase 4: Remember you can take your time. Small steps or try it all at once, the choice is yours! Once you've started working with us things can move pretty fast. Often there's an overlap with using our applications and we can make use of work we've already started to develop or completed. For example, a 360 render can then be used to create an augmented reality immersive walk-through.
We offer a dynamic and flexible approach to R&D, it's a continual and natural process: What's your next move? Have you seen this new tech, lets try that?
As a part of your 3D strategy progression, your staff are paramount. They will be learning how to manipulate the 3D resources to drive sales, refining their presentation techniques and finding new and potential customers with your 3D tools at their disposal.
What do we mean by natural progression of 3D applications? Here's a few ideas....

Scenario 1


Scenario 2


Phase 5: Now things get really exciting, it's time to publish your work! Add it to your website, develop a marketing campaign to promote and sell your product of project via your 3D collateral. Role out your 3D collateral, start the conversation and monitor its impact on your business.
Make sure your team has the appropriate hardware and understanding - practice makes perfect. Your commitment to its success has to be company wide. Make sure your staff are using the same terminology. It all matters.
A marketing campaign to promote your new collateral may contain a few teaser animations, models or videos. Here are a few of our projects to help you understand how we can implement your 3D strategy:
UHS Group, a great example of a multi-disciplinary approach to selling furniture.


STAVERTON, One of the first customers to embrace the potential of MODE.


William Hands, One of our most successful partnerships.


POBL, Taking our WebGL technology to the next level.


A unique 360 and VR retail experience.


Phase 6: We consider our engagement with you a continual process. The fun never ends! As new technologies develop, so can your 3D strategy. Keep up with the competition by trying new things and creating more marketing material. There's no doubt that technology and digital trends evolve quickly. It's our commitment to keep you up to date and in front of the curve.
So, now that you know what we consider the best way of creating a 3D strategy what's stopping you?


"Your skills allowed the customer to envision my layout and furniture concepts as a completed detailed design and brought them to life. I really look forward to working with them again soon."
"The clients loved the visuals you produced and it made explaining the project to the public so much easier. I would have no hesitation in recommending you firm to others for the service and high quality work you produce."
"The products and service they deliver are of a superior quality and allow our clients to visualise the premium offering we are renowned for."
"Throughout the process, the Do Digital team have been a pleasure to work with and have fitted in well with the collaborative approach of our wider marketing team."
"Always professional and very kind, the DO team has always been a pleasure to work with, available to listen to our needs and translating our ideas into realities, pushing our projects presentations to the next level with their great suggestions and always making you feel like your project is the most important they are currently working on!"
"We chose to work with Do Digital Realities because we needed a reliable and rewarding partner to deliver quality visuals. They were not only able to offer us a range of 3D services but also an impressive level of professionalism and service throughout the project."