We're proud to present a CGI project illustrating an inspirational design for money.co.uk. Working with Interaction, Bath was a great opportunity for us to demonstrate our skills. The striking design with its powerful colours reflecting their brand required a sophisticated approach. The grade II listed Victorian ‘Castle’ they occupied had to modelled from scratch. A series of developmental renders we're sent to the design team for evaluation. The result, a series of eye catching visuals to inspire and inform. Attention detail and effective turnaround times were needed to maintain the projects milestones. The before and after shots illustrate the power of CGI. A project we're very proud of.

"delivering high quality work and conducting ourselves with professionalism and passion"


CGI is the most common form of 3D and has been the foundation of our success. Our ultimate goal is to produce images that are photo-realistic. It's fair to say you can't trust a picture, is it real? It's hard to tell. This type of imagery can replace the need for traditional photo-shoots. No need for expensive venues with limited time-scales and high rental costs. Place your product in any setting, change the lighting conditions and try endless colour and finish variations. This is a very powerful and flexible form of 3D....


"Our team has worked with the best designers in the country and we continue to inspire our customers."



“Working on these types of high profile projects is always a pleasure, our team relishes the opportunities to show off their skills. Our team has worked with the best designers in the country and we continue to inspire our customers, delivering high quality work and conducting ourselves with professionalism and passion”
Darren Crockett, Managing Director, Do Digital Realities