During the last ten years one of our main goals was to consistently achieve photo-realism in our Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).
Over the last 10-15 years the quality of photo-realism in the CGI industry has varied considerably. However things have changed. As the CGI related industry matures, universities produce the next generation of visualisers, combined with online tutorials. The hidden mysteries needed to produce photo-real imagery is no longer a rare skill set or a secret of the few. More and more people now have the ability to produce realism in their day to day work. 
We believe that the overall quality of CGI's currently being produced is very good and beginning to plateau. Once photo-realism has been achieved where next? There seems to be a look and feel that all visualisers aspire to achieve. The white walls, grey sofa, floor lamp and wood floor all stereo typical elements found in the majority of 3D visualiser portfolios.

'So let's assume a decent visualiser has the realism box ticked. What other factors should you consider when employing your 3D artists?'


For us it's all about your journey. 3D visualisation is now a mainstream service industry and like all service based companies the customer experience is essential to securing work and growing a business. So what do we do that makes your experience with us worthwhile? Do Digital has many facets that help us deliver the best CGI related service around. It's fair to say that traditionally 3D visualisers - particularly one man bands and small teams - struggle to manage clients, work loads and communicate effectively. We have several key skills and processes that enable us to deliver the best.


Production Support: While the visualisers beaver away the sound of furious clicking can be heard across the studio. You can tell the guys are busy because it's quiet. There's no time for chatting and the concentration needed to work effectively is evident. The only people you can her are our production managers. Their job is to channel and filter information in both directions, chase the clients for the project details, establish deadlines and negotiate workloads. These unsung hero's free up the visualiser's mind to create beautiful and inspiring work.
Commercial Awareness: It's in our DNA, we have been commercial designers with knowledge and experience. We truly understand the commercial realities and challenges our clients in the design and build world face daily. Tight deadlines, product knowledge, last minute changes. We know when to push back and when to knuckle down and deliver.

'Commercial Awareness, It's in our DNA'

Reliability: Consistency of our performance, but also consistency in the technology we use. Our business is built on trust and realiability. Repeat business is the bedrock of our success.
Creative Direction: Over the last ten years we have seen it all so we know what makes a good image. Balance of composition, trends, lighting levels etc. We're not afraid of offering our professional opinion. Also, is it good enough to send? One of the most important questions we constantly ask before we send your work out the door.
Learn how to get more out of your IMAGINARIAN.
11 & 4 need we say more? To ensure we are the best we always communicate with our clients. We encourage our guys to pick up the phone and understand your expectations and aspirations. At 11 am everyday we down tools and start our informal meeting making sure the guys have communicated with their clients asking the relevant questions or introducing themselves to the client. 4 pm it happens again. Are our clients up to date. Have they sent the information requested and required. This then enables our production managers to step in and help.

'11 & 4 need we say more?'

The Do Academy: Created to develop the all round skills needed to be an IMAGINARIAN. It's not just about the technical knowledge. We also develop our personal skills. How to communicate and negotiate. Training isn't something that happens when a new employee starts - it's a continual process. Read more...
Access: Our customers have easy contact with the company. There are now so many IMAGINARIANS that there is always someone there when you need them. Our customers also have access to a vast amount of experience and knowledge. Cross-pollination and the ability to ask questions internally makes our team second to none.


The IMAGINARIUM: An inspiring and healthy workplace. Our guys have a great place to work. Regular breaks and a modern open studio with inspiring views gives us the opportunity to flourish. Which means you benefit from their freedom to inspire. Add our 121 suite into the mix, nestled in the middle of our studio this is the cherry on the DO DIGITAL cake. Sitting with us means your work gets even better. We invite you in to become an honorary IMAGINARIAN during your project delivery. Need we say more? Our team is inspirational and our philosophy is too.
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Just over three years ago I was given the challenge of marketing William Hands varied and impressive portfolio. The conventional strategy of making and photographing product was one option but when you’re dealing with large, high value items the costs can quickly become prohibitive....