Introducing 360 photography by DO. We have truly embraced the art of photography creating a powerful combination of both CGI and Photography. With our new VR Tours and 360 Tours the opportunity to develop more comprehensive and informative presentations is now available to you.
What are 360 Virtual tours? Virtual tours are made up from a series of images stitched together to create an interactive presentation, which offers the user an experience that far exceeds that of just standard photography or a walkthrough. 360 virtual tours allow the user to see exactly what they want, giving them complete control over the whole viewing process. 
Experience one of our photographic tours here...

Area 2

Above: 360 Photograph Unwrapped

When Do Digital Realities were invited to speak at one of the Digital Tuesday events about all things Virtual Reality we jumped at the chance. Since the event we’ve built some great relationships with new clients wanting to develop their 3D collateral. One of which was Gwalia, who form part of the Pobl Group. Pobl came to us looking for some interactive virtual 360 tours. The brief was to provide a virtual tour which allowed users to effortlessly move between hotspots placed within existing developments; Loftus Gardens and Plas Bryn Rhosyn. Two recently developed sites, beautifully designed to provide mixed tenure homes in Newport and first-class residential care in Neath respectively.


After discussing the project in depth both internally and with Pobl, we decided that 360 photography would be the best tool for the project. During our initial site visit we established several areas we felt would work best to position the hotspots. Working with the team at Pobl we were able to refine and pinpoint the hotspots to ensure maximum coverage, whilst keeping the viewing experience as fluid as possible.
Once the photography was completed we headed back to the studio to build the virtual tour. We made the experience as collaborative as possible inviting Pobl in during the building phase, which meant the project progressed efficiently and contained the correct information.
One of the many positives about building a virtual tour is its flexibility. It’s possible to add, remove or edit any of the information at any point of the build. It can even be amended or added to after completion. This flexibility was crucial for this specific project as some of the information wasn’t obtainable initially, but needed to be included to complete the project.
Pobl set DO the task of completing the project within a limited time frame and crucially in time for one of their sheltered housing events. Not only did DO deliver the project on time, we also provided them with custom printed headsets. The headsets allow users to experience the full virtual experience, allowing the individual to immerse themselves within the project. This proved a huge success and helped promote Pobl as one of the forerunners in their field.
The quality of the service was both evident in the final product and the feedback DO received from all involved. The virtual tour speaks for itself in terms of quality and usability, ensuring a unique and pleasurable viewing experience. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Pobl and have been rewarded with a fantastic relationship, which we see lasting well into the future.


“The team at DO have done a great job bringing to life two of our recent developments within a short timescale. We’re now able to immerse people into these developments at events and online. We’re excited about how 360 can help potential residents appreciate and prepare for life in their new home.”
Neil Ingham, Director of Communications for Pobl Group