If your industry is Design and Build (D&B) then maybe VR isn’t for you. We explore the VR phenomenon and look at it's use in D&B. We also consider how for the first time since the Virtual Reality (VR) revolution started, there are rumblings that things are not going to plan. As a business who loves VR and the exciting possibilities both Realtime and VR offer, we have noticed a few signs that VR might not be all it’s cracked up to be.
There is no doubt that most people are still on a journey of discovery when VR is concerned. Most people want to use it, particularly in the design and build world (D&B) but they just don't how to implement it into their presentations and bids. The tight deadlines and design changes require a quick turnaround solution. CGI can just about keep up the demands. Delivering super effective images and giving designers the chance to develop and refine the design schemes.
VR and Realtime technologies require certain criteria to be able to deliver these solutions, including signed off layouts and fully completed design schemes. Optimisation is the key, as low poly count models are not yet readily available. As the visualisation industry develops these models, the creators of VR and Realtime will have access to them.
With all these considerations aside there still seems to be a few signs that VR remains to be a tricky sell. At present we have been offering Realtime over VR. Concentrating on the REALTIME interactive and collaborative solutions. There is no doubt that VR as it currently stands is a very personal and intimate experience and there lies the problem.


Customers who have been early adopters of VR for their presentations are unsure of its future. When trying to sell and communicate a complete building design layout and concept, the inability to control the viewers' attention and focus on your specific details is difficult. 
Eight potential customers all viewing a space in VR, with their mouths open wide and heads spinning in different directions is a challenging situation to manage. I believe that we like to interact and share experiences. The intimate nature of VR reduces our awareness of others and limits your understanding of their reaction to your design.
We are now advising our clients to concentrate on the REALTIME collaborative presentation over VR. Allowing you the presenter full control and enabling you to dictate the message.


As different generations use and adopt tech, their levels of ability becomes more apparent. This can also be difficult to manage and anticipate. An audience of eight who have different levels of comfort and knowledge requires forethought and planning. The intrusive nature of VR headsets is difficult to over come. Will it spoil my hair? This might seem trivial but in the professional and corporate world this does matter. If you’re making your audience uncomfortable then you’re immediately on the back foot. These small but negative experiences can make all the difference.
I feel sick. Nausea is still a major concern for VR leaving the user with a negative experience which can overshadow your message and pitch. Which button do I press? I can’t see the controller. Unless you’re fully conversant with the hand controllers then this adds to the problem. The opportunity to present your presentation which has taken huge resource and cost deserves a slick and trouble free experience. If VR makes this process more difficult then an alternative solution is required.


We call it REALTIME. Fully interactive and collaborative experiences. Allowing you - the presenter - the ability to control and tell your story. Offering a fully interactive and flexible presentation. By showing your REALTIME project on a large screen it allows your audience to enjoy a collaborative journey. If VR is still required, let it be part of the after sales pitch. Allow people to use the system at their own pace and comfort level. 
It is important to add that all of our REALTIME solutions are VR compatible. We still feel that VR it is a very powerful tool and we will continue to offer it to our customers, but we believe a successful partnership allows us to advise and inform. Realtime and VR can work together and we don't want Realtime advantages over traditional animation or for CGI to be inhibited by any VR disasters.
REALTIME offers many great and exciting possibilities. Realtime configuration, screen grabs, pre-determined paths, explorer modes, day to night. You decide on the best features and we'll build the presentation to suit your audience. The most impressive part to REALTIME, it's all created on the fly in realtime. REALTIME rendering. Capture your animated walkthrough in minutes at high resolution.
We believe REALTIME & GPU rendering is here to stay.  We offer many different levels of interaction. Not all REALTIME projects have to be photo-real. Why not try a more informal and conceptual look. The project below echoes the look and feel of SketchUp. So take off the headsets and concentrate on REALTIME over VR. Let us demonstrate its potential. There are so many things we can allow you to do in a realtime project. Just ask and we can DO it.