Sharing the knowledge...

teaching Revit

We are delighted to announce our latest partnership. We have always encouraged enthusiastic students to share our office space. We love to share our skills with eager individuals who have a thirst for knowledge.

The University of South Wales' Interior Architecture Department asked us to undertake a four day training course in 'AutoDesk Revit' with its students, obviously we jumped at the chance! Hywel Glynn-Jones is currently exploring the endless possibilities that Revit has to offer with students.



'DO were kind enough to offer a years work placement to one of our 2nd year students, Lloyd Phillips and this allowed us opportunity to get them involved further with the course. Hywel from DO agreed to deliver 4 sessions to introduced Revit to the 2nd year students. We were keen to do this as many companies are moving toward using this particular software. During the sessions Hywel has managed to work through the principles of Revit whilst also assisting the students with using these new skills to develop a model of their current project. These have been invaluable sessions and Hywel did a fantastic job in the time that he had to deliver this! Thanks very much!'

Heddus Davies, Lecturer in interior design