Designed to create the IMAGINARIANS of the future. Our Academy is all about nurturing and developing talent. Our friendly and informative 3D sessions will help you gain the knowledge needed to produce next crop of IMAGINARIANS. Learn from seasoned professionals in all facets of 3D. Explore our 3D tools and learn how to harness their potential. Our goals are clear: train people and share the success. The training will consist of a monthly evening class tailored to meet your needs to become world class IMAGINARIANS.
So what's in it for us? Basically we like to meet new talent. Highly skilled individuals who can join our team as and when positions become available. Would you like attend? Spaces are limited, so please fill in the form below asap.
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Our DO academy is made up of two parts. Firstly, basic training for anyone. Designed to develop the IMAGINARIANS of the future. Secondly advanced training to all permanent staff. Our skills are highly sort after and we consider our attendees carefully. All students are subject to an interview process prior to your acceptance.


"I was kindly asked by By James and Darren at Do Digital Realities whether I'd be interested in attending one of their academy classes held at their Cardiff office.
Having known the pair for a number of years, I know how much they share my passion for all things 3D,  so I jumped at the chance to attend. On arrival at their office I was greeted with a warm and friendly welcome (I'm not sure if this was due to the enormous chocolate cake I was holding or if they were just pleased to see me) and introduced to the rest of the team. The Academy was held by James Leonard a senior visualiser and 3d coordinator and began as an informal and visual presentation on lighting and rendering using 3ds max and V-Ray. Having personally been using 3d max for most of my professional career it was a great platform for the attendees to share their experiences and reassure each other on common visualising scenarios. James took us through methodically,  the different ways to light a scene along with the many renders settings required to see their benefits.
This presentation was followed by getting hands on, and putting our 3d know-how to the test on their top spec pc's. We were allowed the freedom to light a scene as we see fit and add our own artistic license. James then guided us individually through key points to consider when lighting our scene, instantly improving or enhancing our work with his suggestions. We all had access to their in-house render farm which allowed me to render and retrieve my images quickly and efficiently without any down time.
But time of course flies when you're having fun and the session had to come to an end. It was an extremely valuable evening shared with like minded and enthusiastic individuals all with varied 3d experience. It was clear to see that James definitely knew his stuff."
Daniel Francis, Seasoned 3D Max user and Visualiser


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