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To our friends overseas, now is the time to buy British. Synonymous with quality, British exports are now more affordable than ever before. Brexit and the fall in the value of the pound globally makes Great Britain an ideal place to invest and procure your 3D collateral and services.
What are the advantages of a falling pound?
There are some advantages to having a weak currency that defy concerns about the falling pound. It has made British goods cheaper abroad because of the favourable exchange rate. This benefits the economy by improving the competitiveness of businesses and boosting exports. However, this is a more complicated picture than it first appears. In our globalised economy, the fragmentation of supply chains mean that many companies import raw materials. These imports are more expensive because of the reduced currency rate, reducing the benefit of having a weak currency.
For consumers, there are some benefits to the deteriorating pound. When they convert other currencies into pounds, they get more from their money. It is also a great time for tourists coming into the UK as their money stretches a lot further. For example, buyers have been flocking to the UK to buy luxury goods. London is now the cheapest place in the world to buy a Louis Vuitton handbag.
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Historically, Do Digital has exported it's services globally with great success and we have aspirations to continue this trend. So why not consider us for your next project? We're sure you will get great value for money and a sound return on your investment.
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Hywel Glynn-Jones, Account Manager

"Now is the time to exploit this unique situation. Our services have always been well received around the world and we love to work globally. Our customers are now seeing the benefits. We hope this trend continues and we look forward to servicing more projects aboard."

Darren Crockett, Managing Director


BP Global, is one of the worlds largest fuel providers. Do Digital Realities was instrumental in delivering a design concept for their new head office in Auckland, New Zealand.
Developed over a period of weeks, the designers were able to demonstrate the unique design. Utilising our CGI skills the results speak for themselves. Geographical location is not a problem through the use of the latest communication technologies. Face to face brief taking and interim discussions allow us to deliver a perfect service. Contactable 24 hours a day, our availability to respond has no limitations.
This is just one of the many success stories for our overseas customers.
Unispace knows to buy British!