Walk-through's - A natural progression for CGI stills and your architectural models, and a very effective tool. Let your customers sit back and enjoy the show. 
Promotional Video - Traditionally walk-through's follow a path, which can sometimes include parts of the model which aren't appropriate, for example a long corridor. So why show these? Why not consider a series of well timed cuts, pans, sweeps, turns and reveals. Get the to the good bits and cut out the rest. 
Product animations - Make your product look sexy. Build a teaser campaign. A five second clip can then follow up with the full animation. Use close up shots and intriguing reveals. Another great way to exploit your 3D model. 
Animated 360's - Did you know Youtube now supports 360 videos, the next big thing! With the availability of 360 video cameras this type of professional and home video will be become evermore popular. This technology also exploits the giro-scope within your mobile device or tablet. Giving you the power to look around as the movie plays. This tool has elevated the customer experience with our 360 CGI walk-through's and videos.