Models and sharing


Not all 3D models are the same. Each application requires a tailored model to suit the particular use. It's all about the polygons! Photorealistic CGI requires highly complex models with attention to detail being the key. We add the detail. Need stitching? Let us get up close and personal and show you.
BIM and REVIT Families - With the production of more complex architectural modelling it is more important than ever to manage your 3D model correctly. Getting the balance between a recognisable model and a low polygon model is vital. As IMAGINARIANS we fully understand how essential an application appropriate model is.
Models - The demand for 3D models is higher than ever. Don't get left behind. If your product isn't available in 3D in some instances you won't be visualised or specified. Our visuals are a precise interpretation of the design concept and are used to sell. It's safe to say making your 3D models accessible for all applications and software is vital.
Sharing - We believe in making your 3D collateral accessible and sharing your models on-line is very easy. Embed the model into your website and share it with the rest of your suppliers. It's a great tool for us to help you develop your own models. We send you a link to view the model as it progresses, give it a spin and explore the model. The great thing about this tool is it's available on your mobile device, tablet and desktop. View it through your web browser.