Just over three years ago I was given the challenge of marketing William Hands varied and impressive portfolio. The conventional strategy of making and photographing product was one option but when you’re dealing with large, high value items the costs can quickly become prohibitive. A new approach was needed. As a competent sketch artist and painter I have always tried to resist the over use of computer generated visuals as they have often appeared flat and lacking character. However given the task before me it was time to see if there was anyone out there capable of producing visuals of product in-situ to a level expected by our clients.
After an extensive search of the visual market, one name stood out - Darren Crockett. I remember thinking during our very first conversation this is the right person for us. His passion, knowledge and charisma immediately won me over and we arranged to get to work straight away. Since then I have watched our two brands mature and grow, achieving very high levels of success. Both companies place customer service at the heart of what they do and both have developed their brand identities to reflect their relative position in the market.

Darren and the team at Do Digital Realities have allowed us to illustrate the capability of our portfolio in new and memorable ways – providing launch material for; all of our new collections, configurators to help show what our collections can look like in the wide selection of finishes we offer, e-shots, social media platforms and produced piece after piece of visual art to illustrate client concepts in a way that totally exceeds their expectations. If only I had a pound for every time I hear “that’s not a render, it’s a photograph”.
Darren, Hywel, Tim, David, James, Zach and the rest of the ever growing team make working with them more than easy, it a pleasure. They are always looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible - bringing new ideas to the table every time we engage with them. They are competitive and hungry for more, which is an attitude I really like - never rest on their laurels. Often working to very tight time constraints from some of our most demanding clients, never once letting us down.
Their digital facilities are matched by the unique work environment they have created for themselves and therefore their ability to process numerous renders and walk-through's is matched only by their ability to host, excite and deliver for their clients.
I would like to single out Hywel for an individual mention. Hywel is without doubt the best account manager I have had the pleasure of working with. He is as organised as he is engaging and when he makes a commitment I have absolutely no doubt it will be met. In an industry where pressure and speed of turn-around is a daily force, Hywel makes sure I never have to worry about meeting a deadline which means I can focus on looking after William Hands own customers and sleep soundly at night.
Thank you guys,
Paul Alexander
Head of Marketing


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