Amelia has joined the IMAGINARIANS on a year's work placement through the DO Academy, our free training program. We're proud to be able to give back to the next generation and partner with the Interior Design course at the University of South Wales.
Hello! My name is Amelia Mansell and I am lucky enough to have recently started a year placement at DO Digital Realities. I’m around a month and a half into my placement and although time has flown by, in another way, it feels like I have been here forever! I have learnt so much from the Imaginarians already and bonded with the team. Their expertise is nothing short of outstanding and if I’m anywhere near as good as them by time I finish my time here I will be over the moon!
I have worked on several live projects during my time here already, although some bigger than others, I feel I have provided the clients with some high-quality visuals on all occasions (with help from the other Imaginarians of course!). As well as learning and developing my technical skills in 3DS Max, Photoshop and Revit, I have gained experience in other areas, such as client communication and teamwork. I am looking forward to carrying these skills with me in the future.
Deadlines here can be stressful for at everyone times, like in every workplace, so it is important we find time to unwind. DO have had a couple of social activities so far (unquestionably including a trip to the local pub) and this has also really helped to get to know the team. I have grown close to team DO already and would now class them as not only my colleagues, but also my friends. Especially my work ‘buddy’ George, who has taught me so much over my time here and is patient with me even in my blondest of moments! So thank you George, and thank you everyone at DO for what you have taught me so far. I hope you can teach me much more over the coming months (maybe with a few more beverages and mini cheddars along the way?!)
As a team of creatives with a vast range of technical knowledge we needed to develop a way of producing the next crop of IMAGINARIANS. We also wanted to give something back to the industry locally, so that's how the Do Academy started. Pupils learn from seasoned professionals in all facets of 3D. Exploring our 3D tools and learn how to harness their potential. Our goals are clear: train, develop and share the success. The best thing of all, it’s free. We don’t charge for our time and we believe It's part of our social responsibility. Places are limited and the demand for a spot is high.
We'll be keeping you updated on the progress of our student placements throughout the next year - stay tuned!