The retail sector has been talking about generating experiences for years, words that every retailer knows. It is indisputable that one of the technologies that causes the greatest impact among consumers is augmented reality, since it generates brand value, impact on the shopping experience and loyalty. In this post we bring you 5 experiences of augmented reality for the retail sector since the possibilities when it comes to previewing a product before buying it are enormous, they break barriers when making said purchase and allow multiplying the experience of the business and the customer .

Expanding spaces

Sometimes establishments need more space to include new products but the premises do not allow it. How about “emptying” the establishment? Rare? Different? Shocking? Yes, this is the word, make your clients be shocked and experiment with the 5 senses taking advantage of augmented reality.

With this technology, the potential customer can see the products of the store they want and with the extras and additional information without the need for the product to be on site. Even make the purchase in real time.

A perfect interior design

Would you like to know how bold colors will fit your walls? Where and how can you place the furniture in the kitchen? Augmented reality allows us to answer these questions and many others since it is installed in many areas of life and has become a very useful system to facilitate day-to-day life. Decision-making is streamlined by outlining the work area and seeing what is the best distribution of the furniture, or what decoration items are the most successful and hitting the nail with the design we want.

Online store with the latest technology

The development of augmented reality does not stop in the face of personalization. The technology aims to solve a problem that is constantly repeated: to allow customers to view products in real time in the digital store or ecommerce.

How? Very simple, do you want users to test the articles? jewelry, clothing, watches, sunglasses … or even choose the type of box in which they want to receive the purchase ?. With this technology, virtual products are superimposed in the world around us, in this way customers obtain a totally personalized product in real time, bringing the items closer to consumers, facilitating purchase, eliminating fears and promoting a fun experience.

Positive experiences that build customer loyalty

Augmented reality is also an opportunity for retailers to reinforce their brand awareness and in-store technology to attract their customers. In addition, the customer experience is increasingly digital and connected. They have changed the shape of the product according to their configuration and their options, viewing the results in real time, therefore the way of retaining and capturing them has changed.

This technology is an optimal way to captivate the user in a creative way, offering more personalized and attractive loyalty programs, with promotions and individualized offers in real time, obtaining a more complete and interactive shopping experience.

Insured entertainment

Pique curiosity, make them wonder what is in the store, how the product would look, games inside the store … augmented reality allows enriching experiences and guaranteed entertainment.

In addition, it allows customers to know more precisely details of the products they wish to purchase; therefore it generates greater precision in the purchase, that is, it shows additional information about the products.

Can you imagine walking through the store and knowing first hand all the information about the item you want to buy?