Established in 2007, DO DIGITAL REALITIES specialises in all things 3D - from CGI visualisations and imagery through to 360-degree animations and fully immersive 3D models. Our tech savvy digital builders and 3D experts are affectionately known as IMAGINARIANS while our custom-designed 3D studio is known as the IMAGINARIUM. We love the creative environment and our clients love the results! Our approach is simple. We consult, visualise and inspire. We work on projects of all shapes and sizes. We work across market sectors. We take time to understand your needs.
We offer One2One consultation services and client-focused 3D Discovery Workshops. We work collaboratively to develop customised 3D strategies and plans. And we select the best 3D tools available to bring your design, product or project to life! We value our relationships. We invest in our people. We treat our clients as individuals and we form strategic partnerships that stand the test of time. We are proud of our work. Our credentials portfolio is second to none. And our reputation for creating ‘alternative digital realities’ grows day-by-day. We hope you agree.



These three words under pin our approach to delivering our services. Firstly we CONSULT, we take time to understand your needs. Our highly skilled team prides itself on building long term partnerships which allow you to develop and evolve a dynamic 3D strategy. VISUALISE, 3D is more than just an image. Our team has the ability to visualise and understand your project aspirations. We visualise, promote and demonstrate your 3D project, utilising the latest technologies and applications. Finally we INSPIRE. We pride ourselves on the ability to inspire our customers and inspire your audience.


Meet the IMAGINARIAN'S, our digital builders.


We are privileged to work with some amazing clients. Here are just a few.